Introduction to the nursing care and management of patients with advanced liver disease

The AHA is pleased to announce that an Introduction to the nursing care and management of patients with advanced liver disease (ALD) course will be run in Australia this year.

The AHA has designed this course specifically for Registered Nurses of varying levels that come into contact with patients suffering from ALD (cirrhosis of the liver). This includes nurses new to the area of Hepatology, nurses working in Gastroenterology in the tertiary setting, and General Practice nurses and other nurses in the primary care setting.

This course aims to equip Nurses with a strong skill set to enable them to care for patients with Advanced Liver Disease. Nurses will be able to confidently manage ALD symptoms, develop care plans and refer patients to the appropriate health professionals.

Course coordinator Rachel Wundke (CPC Chronic Liver Disease) says, “This course has been written with the input of many of the AHA’s finest Hepatology Nurses and developed with the assistance of a GP Practice Nurse to ensure that workers in Primary Health will also get a lot out of this course. I’m so excited to see the roll-out of this course.”

The full-day course has been endorsed by the Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA), and will be run in Adelaide on the 10th August 2016, and in Sydney on the 29th October 2016. It is anticipated a course will be run on the Gold Coast to complement the Viral Hepatitis Conference. Registration is now open for the Adelaide and Sydney courses.

We are currently in the process of ‘Training the Trainer’ and are eager to find Nurses passionate about liver disease. If you are interested in furthering your career in the area of Hepatology then being a presenter of this exciting new course will be an invaluable opportunity. Ideally, the AHA is recruiting Nurses that have been working in the field of advanced liver disease for two years or more. This exciting opportunity would see you initially co-facilitate a course with the coordinator, Rachel Wundke, which would then enable you to run future courses. As well as full secretariat support, presenting fees will be provided to Trainers.

If you are interested in being a Trainer, please contact the AHA Secretariat.

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