AHA Research

The AHA has 3 roles in research:

  1. Identify leading publications in the field of hepatology that support evidence based practice
  2. Encourage member collaboration to produce nurse-led research and support members in gaining skills to develop, resource and document these research initiatives
  3. Act as a advocate by identifying to governments and corporations areas of need to influence the allocation of funding

Grants and Scholarships

2017 Application Deadline Extended!!

The AHA Board and AHA Research Special Interest Group (SIG) are excited to announce that AbbVie are continuing to support the efforts of the AHA to further develop the research capacity of its members.

In 2017, the AHA Research SIG is offering AHA Members unique opportunities in the form of:

  •  Research funding scholarship(s) to support member-led research
  •  2 travel scholarships to attend hepatology conferences – one domestic and one international

For more information on the research funding scholarship(s):

For more information on the travel scholarships:

Research Organisations

The National Centre in HIV Social Research (NCHSR) – conducts research that describes and analyses the social understandings, meanings and practices of peoples, institutions and communities in relation to HIV, Hepatitis C and other communicable diseases.
The Kirby Institute for infection and immunity in society – undertakes research that focuses on epidemiology, clinical research and clinical trials in the field of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and sexually transmitted infections.
Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS) – a leading centre for research on sexuality, health and gender, for research training in these fields, and for knowledge transfer into policy and practice.
Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry – online register of clinical trials being undertaken in Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere.

Research Resources

World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki
National Health and Medical Research Council guidelines
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Statistics
US National Library of Medicine
Therapeutic Guidelines
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
Lowitja Institute
Centre for disease analysis great epidimiology maps, free publications and slide sets
Social scientific research
Interactive database of global (including Australia demographics)
GPower for sample size
Sample size estimates 
Qualitative Report 
Translation of evidence NIH
Health Statistics New South Wales
Institute of Child Health
The BMJ how best to read a research paper
University of York Centre for Reviews and dissemination
NMAP (Nursing, Midwifery and the Allied Health Professions) part of the BIOME gateway, NMAP provides access to over 1200 evaluated Nursing, Midwifery and the Allied health Professions Internet resources.
Health System Evidence – McMaster Health Forum

Social Research

Toolkits Morgan Centre for Research into Everyday Lives 

Research Methods

National Institute of Health – Best Practices for Mixed Methods Research in the Health Sciences
Health Statistics New South Wales 
TRIP 100 datasets relevant to EBM TRIP (Turning Research into Practice)
NICE guidelines
Institute of Child Health